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Recommended WLs for inexperienced newbies

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    Recommended WLs for inexperienced newbies

    Im 22 this year and only started cheonging middle of last year. Im not a virgin anymore, but I still suck at sex. And in the TT for 2019 in January, I followed bro Secretsecretes and co. to Great Wall where I had a great GFE, but the WL said in mid session said: "Ni bu zhi dao zuo ai" (you dont know how to make love).

    So despite the great session, Im faced with the hard truth: I still can't ejaculate and I dont know how to pleasure a woman.

    So after the session, I had a helpful bro-to-bro conversation downstairs. Most of the reasons are:

    Too nervous, not enough experience, too much masturbation, not enough exercise so lack of stamina. (I think sifus suggest more reasons why, but I cant recall)

    Im not saying the WL did not do a good job, she did a great job proffessionaly which is to give us a good time. That she did! But what about those of us who are new to this and want to focus more on learning how to pleasure women than being pleasured?

    So Im opening this new topic to ask brothers here who can suggest which WL to go to to learn how to make love. You might say "just watch porn", but after reading nomad2020's post about how he lost his virginity and how the WL(now married) taught him her techniques to make women go into orgasm, I feel learning from WL is more effective than watching videos.

    Any suggestions on which WL to visit that will focus more on instructing newbies on techniques of how to pleasure women?

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    Hey man. I was there with you guys, if you remember me. I don't know any WL who could specifically be a "teacher", maybe other bros here can advise.

    But I'll share a bit to help with those points you mentioned.

    Too nervous, not enough experience - you just gotta keep practicing. I was a late bloomer, only lost my virginity at 21 with my college girlfriend. I did well to hide that fact from her, she never questioned me. But she never really 'taught' me anything, I just learned from practice and her reactions.

    Too much masturbation - You'll feel the difference when you fuck after not touching yourself for a while (you can try to abstain for 1-2 weeks first). The way you grip yourself is something a pussy usually cannot do, which is why many would tell you to stop.

    Not enough exercise so lack of stamina - many ways to work on this, from sports to lifting weights to running. Your pick. A bonus you can do is to eat healthier.

    But most importantly, learn to relax and enjoy yourself first. At this stage, perhaps worrying about giving pleasure contributes to your anxiety.


      Hmm.. based on the title above, I can only recommend ladies who are customer oriented and have the patience with customers.. usually these WL will be more mature, as young ones may not have the patience for this sort of challenge. They may even open up to teaching a few pointers.

      1. Camelia of GW4 . But she is back in Vietnam currently. She’s around mid twenties

      2. Callysta and Yoyo of Micasa. Callysta is a good choice because she works hard and have the skill to conquer even the toughest of customers. Never tried Yoyo, but feedback from bros from TT she’s a legend. Callysta early 30s, Yoyo late 30s to early 40s.

      3. Coco the Inner Mongolian FL. But she’s based in Kepong. Operate from home. She allowed multiple shots within 1 hour. I had her on my bad day, but she was helpful and patient to help me finish. She’s early to mid 30s

      4. Minori was a good choice, well you tried her already, right? Can RTF again. Disclaimer; I haven’t tried her.

      5.Perhaps Apple from GW3? I’ve read good FR and heard good feedback from bros at TT, and also by GW3 Capt. Haven’t tried her myself. Mid to late 20s.

      6. Read some FR that Fanny of GW1 is a rapist, I can only interpret she can take the lead. Meaning she will care if u cum or not.. from her look, she may be mid to late 20s. Also haven’t tried her.

      Maybe some other bros can recommend.

      I agree with everything Will wrote.. just chill bro, perhaps u overthink it. But it helps to have an understanding WL.
      I’ll share FL contacts only with Playbaby and active with FRs for the last 6 months.. silent readers stay away! MP contacts I may share, subject to Tnc


        Yeah. Find a more mature one. MILF type who is patient. Just ask her to teach and say you want to learn. Seems like places you briefly mentioned are hole in the wall FJ place with curtains only. From my experience these are less than cosy and privacy is borderline so may cause you to be more nervous. I suggest to try out some spas famous for their MILFs or patient FL MILF working from their homes. I can’t suggest any as I’m not from KL but I am sure bros here may help.
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          Originally posted by secretsecretes View Post
          2. Callysta and Yoyo of Micasa. Callysta is a good choice because she works hard and have the skill to conquer even the toughest of customers. Never tried Yoyo, but feedback from bros from TT she’s a legend. Callysta early 30s, Yoyo late 30s to early 40s.
          Personally, would recommend Yoyo. She's based in Mirama. But she's back in China now for CNY, for a couple of months. Callysta is a patient lady too, she's still in Micasa.

          On a sidenote, do you have phimosis? Don't have to answer me, just Google it.


            Wanna share a little although i am not experienced as well and not exactly related to thread. i wasnt an super outgoing person but never had much difficulties talking to girls but i am shy so prolly never dared to take the first move talking to girls. i joined dpf almost at the same time as thread starter Galahad and had zero experience in sex as well when i was even older than u ya know. was super nervous for the first time where i lost it to Mirama's Yoyo. never managed to go all the way and ended with a hj. She told me to stop masturbating so much. so yeah as what willy said, try abstaining from self masturbation so much (super bad habit that even i still cant get rid of). My second time was at a MP near where i stayed and i came so fast i barely felt anything. things will go better as u experience more but i find it crucial not to just depend of the WL to service you only....(but letting someone do all the work is heavenly too )
            Mature woman certainly know how to please you when u can just lie there and do nothing but i think u need to learn bits by bits just go slowly. trying out difference position certain is a hurdle for me as i cant cast away the anxiety of not being to pleasure the girl but yeah its something that you need to go through. I kind of realized why its better for u to get a gf and just do it with her. Most probably ur gf will be inexperienced as well and u can learn together with her hahaha.
            Sometimes its nt about the recommendations, you will need to find what kind of girl suit you best and go for it. For example, Mirama's yoyo have not much fr unless u dig super hard but i can tell you she's a pro where some claimed that she's can even manhandle a pro so yeah depends on what u want. Her bbbj still one of the best ive tried. try to find criterias that excites you the most for example big boobs or long hair etc. seek what u covert for in av in real life. you can live your dream.... xD
            So for me i wont deny that i prefer FL's and of course MILF and sometimes you will really lucked out by finding WL that will be patient with you for example the first NL i bonked she kind of commanded me to do it in doggie (which became the position that i can only do properly rn hahaha) i still sucked at missionary. so you can kind of do some work out as well to boost your confidence as you already mentioned that stamina is important. waist strength is important too! i mean i cant change how u look but you can always change how u think you look and its always confidence as a key points to attract girls.
            so if you need fl contacts i will be more that willing to pass them to you but you will need to discover who you really want. i think thats important.
            sry if its not really related to the question but just felt like typing it out.
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